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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are characterised by their tilted wooden louvers, which are similar to the slats on blinds. Unlike blinds, the shutters are fitted to the window frame and they can be opened out like doors, rather than being opened with a pull-string.

They are used in homes all over the United States as an interior window covering. They are considered a more contemporary window treatment than traditional shutters. When opened, plantation shutters provide a good view and let in plenty of light. When closed, the shutters give complete privacy and block out sunlight and heat.


Blinds are window coverings, composed of slats or vanes that tumble down the blind as it is lowered or can be pulled across a window to stack lengthwise, to the side. These louvers or slats are individually formed together to create the complete blind and are usually controlled by a manual pull cord. These slats are meant to stay closed tightly for privacy and for light control, but they can also be adjusted or tilted at different angles to allow you to control the amount of light needed. Wood, Faux-Wood, Woven Wood, Mini Blinds and Vertical Blinds are the most popular “blinds” and are usually made of wood, metal, a composite or a woven grass or bamboo. These materials exude a tactile feeling of hard or bumpy; hence the name, hard window treatments. All of these blinds offer a traditional and classic look and match any decor style–always a handsome, architectural, clean look for your windows.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are an excellent window treatment option for windows in rooms that are exposed to the sun. Besides simply blocking the light, solar shades also reduce glare, protect against harmful UV rays, and prevent fading from the sun on carpets, furniture, and household surfaces.

Honey Comb

Honeycomb shades (also called cellular shades) are made from one continuous piece of fabric and they either roll up or fold up along their crisp pleats. Fabric is then bonded together to form the honeycomb shaped cells. There’s either a single, double or triple layered design that traps air between the layers of the shade in individual cells to provide insulation. They also come in a variety of pleat sizes, colors and light control options from sheer to blackout.

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